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What is Elemental Reflexology™?

Elementary Reflexology™ is a form of reflexology incorporating energy balancing with point specific work. Integrating the ancient art of Ayurvedic reflexology with the modern energetic principles of Polarity, and is based on the concept of the inter-relationship of the five elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.  What sets Elemental Reflexology™ apart is its foundation in the assessment and balancing of these five elements.

Elemental Reflexology™ is focused exclusively on the feet, because in polarity, they are the most negative pole in the body-the place where energy is the most dense and tends to crystallize and become blocked. Working on the feet frees up this stagnant energy, allowing it to be released and flow freely throughout the body. Is suited for all ages and many conditions.


-Mary Jo Ruggieri and Judy M Tancinco (Institute of Holistic Health Careers)


  • stress reduction

  • pain relief

  • deep relaxation

  • increased energy and focus

  • sense of inner peace

  • recovery from past injuries

  • recovery from emotional trauma

Improved Health Conditions

  • chronic pain

  • headaches

  • muscular aches and back pain

  • sinus problems

  • digestive disturbances

  • fatigue and exhaustion

  • knee pain

  • insomnia


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As above so below; as below so above .
— The Kybalion,p.28


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