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Jeanette Collins

Jeanette uses the ancient art of Ayurvedic Elemental Reflexology™, certified Elemental Reflexologist™ by, The Institute of Holistic Health Careers 2015. Her focus is to help clients achieve a relaxing, meditative state. Through balancing energy, the body and mind can relax, the stress and tension can be released and then the energy can freely flow allowing healing to take place. Jeanette is invested in all things feet and well being.  She is also certified in Holistic Health Advising and as a Corporate Wellness Coach through the same Institute.

The Institute of Holistic Careers underwent many changes in 2016 & 2017.  The school has been transformed into the Global Academy for Energetic Education.



The Ohio State University                                

BA 2005

The Institute of Holistic Health Careers

Holistic Health Advising, Corporate Wellness Coach 2014. Elemental Reflexology 2015.

Activities & Affiliations

• Stone Soup Project
Through the Reiki Center



           Why Reflexology?

                      People often ask me, " Why feet, why reflexology" ? I have to say, the first time I had ever saw a reflexology chart ,and the fact that you could reach every bone ,and organ in the body through the feet, well, my mind was blown! It would be years later that I would take the classes. I have such gratitude for all the teachers and mentors past and present . 

                      I like most people who are healers, truly began my holistic journey after I had become ill in 2004 and began searching for a holistic approach, treating my whole being and not just a symptom. My own journey towards healing has also been my calling to help others. I believe we each have the ability to heal ourselves. I would like to think of healers as people who can hold the space/vibration for others to heal faster. Our most deepest issues, only we can truly understand as individuals ,and only we can choose our paths to get to the place of healing that many of us need.  Elemental Reflexology™ brings a way for us to feel centered, brings awareness to where our focus needs to be. A way to address the emotional and physical. A way to balance our energy ,so that we feel better.  This type of healing also adds in diet choices and exercise that are totally optional but can help to speed up the processes of balance and healing.


Jeanette Collins is not a Medical Doctor, Dietitian, or Mental Health practitioner, nor does she diagnose or treat illnesses or prescribe any type of medications. For medical needs, consult your physician. Understand that recommendations given are not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental.  It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.